The Women


the Brand

Shakeemah Suber is a native of Elizabeth New Jersey. From a young age, she has always been passionate about what she believed in. Before she was 18, she had already started in the working world. Keemah worked in the corporate world in the human resource sector where she was responsible for training, travelling to open stores, and hiring employees. She also had a stint in the banking industry.

For better scheduling, Keemah began working for the state of New Jersey while she went to cosmetology school. Even with all the success and the stability, Keemah knew she wanted more and being in the beauty industry is what she is fervent about. Keemah became a travelling hairstylist and while learning and growing she grew her clientele. Taking a leap of faith, believing in her craft, and her relentless work ethic, Keemah opened her shop “Get Incognito Hair Studio” in July of 2015. With the use of social media and investment in herself, herbusiness has grown and continues to prosper!